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Top Five Apps for Real Estate Investors

Life has become much easier with smart mobile devices and there are a ton of terrific apps out there that can help your business flow more smoothly.

Here are my top five mobile device app recommendations for your real estate investment business, and why I think you should use them:

1.  CardMunch

What Is It:  From the developers at LinkedIn we’ve now got CardMunch. CardMunch allows you to take a pic of business cards and send them in for processing, where real live people transcribe them into a database and return them to you for implementation into your digital phone book of choice.

Why You Should Use It:  Networking is imperative to business growth and business cards are still the number one way people use to share their contact information. Next time you attend a conference or real estate networking event, you can gather up those cards, scan them into CardMunch, and start networking with those folks online.

Cost: Free

Compatibility: iOS

2. Property Evaluator – Real Estate Investment Calculator

What Is It: Property Evaluator is a real estate investment analysis software application. Simply input information about the properties you’re considering and you can view performance projections that help you do a true comparison between properties. You can also email a professional PDF report to your buyers, lenders, or investment partners.

Why You Should Use It:  Whether you’re investing in a foreclosure, short sale, REO, MLS listing, or commercial property, this app will help you run the numbers quickly and perform your due diligence.

Cost: Free/ Premium $19.99/ Pro $39.99

Compatibility: iOS


What it is: Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Join other drivers in your area who share real-time traffic and road info, saving everyone time and gas money on their daily commute.

Why you should use it: There is nothing worse that being late for an appointment because of a traffic jam or worse, because you got lost. Waze can help you avoid all that, and get to where you are going on time and safely. You can also send waze directions to others with just a link.

Cost: Free

Compatibility:  Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

4. Docusign & Docusign Real Estate Plus

What it is: More than 115,000 real estate professionals use DocuSign to share, sign, and send millions of documents, from residential to commercial real estate, property management, mortgage, escrow, and more. Using DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS, brokers and agents can manage 100 percent of the transactions online securely with all participants, and provide customers with an extraordinary experience.

Why you should use it: You’ll save an abundance of time and energy when you can collaborate and get those necessary documents signed right on the spot; then, it’s off to the next great deal!

Cost: $20 per user/per month

Compatibility: Android and iOS

5. Audio Memo

What it is: Turn your smartphone into a high-end audio recorder that can record meetings, voice notes, or anything else. You can then send your recordings to yourself or others via email or upload them to Dropbox.

Why you should use it: Audio Memos lets you take recordings and save them in Dropbox. If you’re like me, or a lot of other investors and entrepreneurs that I know, you’re on the run a lot. Audio Memo lets you take notes on the road and store them where you need them for later perusal.

Cost: $0.99

Compatibility: Android and iOS



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