8 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Real Estate Business

Spring is on! Here are eight tips to make the most of this moment to launch your real estate business forward for the rest of the year…

We’re used to hearing about spring cleaning for our homes, but with the peak make or break real estate season ahead of us too, isn’t it worth a little spring cleaning of our real estate businesses to ensure they are ready to blossom into their full potential as well?

  1. Clear Your Mind

Spring cleaning for your real estate business starts with your mind. Some may choose to get away for a travel break or start morning meditation to achieve this. Though all can benefit from taking a couple of hours to make sure their goals are crisp, their focus is clear, and what you want to achieve this year is really clear.

  1. Clean Your Devices

Your phone, tablet and computer are among the most important tools you have today. If they are cluttered with junk they can can be a roadblock to everything you want to accomplish instead of being effective tools to getting more of what you really want done. Delete apps and alerts you no longer use, unsubscribe from email feeds you no longer even open, free up memory space, eliminate old sticky notes, and clean up calendars with recurring items that no longer apply.

  1. Clean Up Your Files

Being in the real estate business still means a ton of paper and files. Most of it is stored incredibly inefficiently. That can slow you down right when you don’t need it. Do keep any records you are required to by law, and all the documents you need to minimize your tax liability. Yet, most have mountains of paper and gigabytes of storage space they can clear out so they can reduce overhead costs, and find what they need faster. Scan and put physical records in the cloud. Recycle that old paper. Backup your laptop and phone and create more space. Delete what you don’t need in the cloud for efficiency and security.

  1. Clean Up Your Office Space

Cleaning up your office space has many benefits too. It can definitely help you stay focused. It can be more attractive to prospects and potential hires. It can help you stay healthier, and that makes a big difference in your daily productivity levels.

  1. Clean Your Home

If you don’t want to do it, hire someone. Create a more welcoming space to come home to so that you can really relax and get the sleep you need to think and operate better. Make sure it is a healthy space that elevates your performance. Ditch the clutter so that you are more excited about getting up in the morning and are more efficient in getting out the door.

  1. Clean Up Your Investment Properties

This is an important time of year to inspect and clean up investment properties. This is true in the north after the winter, and in the south ahead of hurricane season. Trim trees, clean up the landscaping, pressure wash exteriors, check the plumbing, inspect roofs for leaks and clear out the gutters.

  1. Clean Out Your Portfolio

Are there any assets in your portfolio which may have matured and hit their peak, or which just aren’t going to yield the performance you expected? Free your portfolio of this weight now so that you can reload it with new and better assets.

  1. Plant Something

This isn’t just about purging the old. Spring is also about new things. Plant seeds of new ideas, marketing campaigns, moving into new niches or areas, and information in your own mind with new real estate education. Maybe even a tree. One you can look back on and say “I remember when we planted that, and we were dreaming of achieving A. Now it’s grown, and we’ve got XYZ too!”

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