5 Reasons Why Personal Branding Is A Must

Not an Option, but a Requirement, Personal Branding Cannot be Overlooked

Building your personal brand is both a business strategy and indemnification.  As you move forward through life and business, your personal brand is a tool that you can utilize to get ahead professionally or to put past missteps behind you.

In my recent article, Reputation Management 101 – What You Need To Know , I spoke about dealing with damage to your reputation online, and said that in today’s socially connected world, whether you create it or not, there is information about you on the Internet.

If you do have a less than positive life or business event that becomes public online information, your personal brand builds a foundation for “burying” the damage quickly.

Here are 5 reasons why building your personal brand in advance is an essential proactive business strategy

 1. You represent yourself and control how those who come across your name perceive you.

The perception of others can be extremely significant with current or prospective customers, as well as a future business associates or partners.  When you invest in the time it takes to build your personal brand, you are able to define yourself as you see fit.

Robert Cialdini, author of the highly acclaimed book on persuasion and marketing, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”, discovered through his research an important exception to the societal rule that says it is not ok to brag: While we can’t verbally sing our own praises, we can get away with writing things that we can’t get away with saying. Thus, taking the time to place content online about ourselves, and our accomplishments, enables us to get the message across about whom we are without seeming to “over-promote” or come off as a conceited braggart.

In addition to that, Cialdini suggests that when meeting with potential clients or business associates for the first time, one should send an introductory email in advance that outlines your background and experience, in the interest of “making the meeting more productive”. People tend to be more receptive to the information when it is written down, and are more likely to acknowledge your authority on the business at hand.

 2. People like to deal with people that they know and trust.

Earning trust is vital in business and life.  One of the best and easiest ways to earn trust is to connect person to person, and you can do that by letting people know who you are through social media engagement, your online profiles, and your personal branding message. 

3. Personal branding allows you to grow your network.

Expanding your network is hugely important to business success; it can open up opportunities you might never have considered. Your personal brand will draw people to you, which can often be mutually beneficial.

4. Your personal brand is your unique promise of value.

Steve Wynn is an impressive example of personal branding creating credibility. By building on the notion of luxury and exemplary service with his first casino resort hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada, and associating his name with them at the same time, he was then able to create a widely recognized connection between luxury, Las Vegas, and resort hotels under the Wynn umbrella.

When you deliver value to others on a consistent basis, you gain trust and credibility. This trust will be your best and least expensive promotional activity, because word travels fast when you do great work. Let your customers be your fans and become your brand ambassadors.

5. Branding helps you increase your online clout.

If you are authentic and trustworthy, building a personal brand should help you begin to build a loyal following online. This will help place you in a position of influence. That clout will turn into business and opportunity.

Remember- you become the media.Social media levels the field for all brands, regardless of whether they are personal or commercial. Every person and organization now has the chance to “be the media.” Social business starts with you and radiates outward to embrace your organization and everything you represent.  Your message includes everything you post, pin, write, like, tweet, or link to. Becoming a social business reveals your personal brand along with that of your business; it will also transform it.

Your name is your biggest asset and will stand tall behind your business if handled correctly. By transforming it into a personal brand that others will recognize and appreciate, you can help insure long-term success in business.





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