12 Months of Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

Now is the time to get your real estate marketing campaigns ready. Check out these twelve ideas to get you going…

If you don’t already have your real estate marketing calendar mapped out for the year, and your marketing materials in motion, there isn’t any time to waste. The more ahead of the game investors and businesses are, the more time you have to create quality material and messaging, and get it out in plenty of time to have its best effect. Otherwise, many find they aren’t getting the most out of their budget, or potential.

Here are twelve campaign ideas to fuel you for the next year, and ensure you are prepared.


January is all about the new year. Flaky New Year’s resolutions may be out, but making annual goals and aspiring to do great things in a fresh new year is something everyone can relate to. New home, new investments, new you. It can apply to renters, regular home buyers, and everyone who wants more for their financial future.


February’s big focus is Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to make it special for those in your own personal life. Yet, it is also a big event for real estate too. There really aren’t any gifts that can trump real estate. That may be a romantic getaway to a luxury rental, buying a cosy condo in a mountain ski resort or on the beach, or a new starter home. Get out there and make some noise about how you can help make this year’s Valentine’s Day special.


National Salesperson Day lands in March. This can be the basis of a great campaign targeted at referral agents, partners, and affiliates. Find new ones, reward existing ones, and motivate them to up their game and compete for awards.


Tax deadlines take the mainstage in April each year. Real estate can be a fantastic way to gain extra tax breaks, and a far better place to invest any tax refund money than splurging on material items that will quickly rust or collect dust and be forgotten.


Peak home buying season really begins kicking in during May. Make sure everyone on your list is in the game. This is prime time to get attention for your listings.


June brings National Donut Day. It is often fun days like this which can really make for scaling warm connections, building your list and network, and nurturing relationships. Use it as your opening to go drop off boxes of sweet goodness to prospects and prospective referral partners, to invite people to meet you, and to pack out open houses.


The fourth of July is a huge deal. It not only provides many opportunities for powerful networking, and open house events, but to serve others who really want to increase their own freedom and independence. Help them sell, buy, and invest in real estate.


Along with August comes back to school season. It is when peak home buying season winds down, and the pressure is really on for home buyers and sellers to finalize transactions and get moved before school starts.

Labor Day

There are many campaigns to work with around Labor Day. Reward your staff, and make your business a great brand to work for. Help others break free of their hard labor, and enjoy more freedom with real estate.


Halloween is the perfect time to turn ugly houses into haunted houses to gain attention and get sold, to host parties and network, and to take advantage of the seasonal dip in house prices to acquire more investment inventory.


November is all about sales. Be wary of discounting too much before November, because people will expect you to be offering deals for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.


In the heart of the holiday season, and right before the end of year tax deadline and annual bonus time, real estate can be a great gift. Those who commit to hustling, while most of the industry is distracted with the holidays can really gain market share and come out ahead for the next year.

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Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a highly sought-after speaker, the owner of three multi-million dollar a year Internet marketed brands, and proud husband and father. Kent is motivated by his love of family and freedom, creating products that enable people to live their lives the way they choose.

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