Get Started And Get Things Done With These 9 Steps

Get Started And Get Things Done With These 9 Steps

Every one of us has experienced being stuck. Every one of us has been in a place where we either don’t know what to do next or don’t have the motivation to get moving. On this coaching call, you’re going to learn 9 steps that, if done diligently, will enable you to get started with your next action steps and truly get things done. There’s a lot to learn in this video and it’s up to you to put it into action.

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There’s an old saying, “If you aim for nothing, you’re sure to hit it.” It’s kind of a snarky way to say that if you aren’t clear on what you’re going for you’ll never achieve it. On this call, you’ll learn why you have to get absolutely clear on your desired outcomes. There are very specific benefits that come from taking the time to clarify and focus. When you do, your understanding of what you really want increases as does your motivation to go get it.

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One of the points in this coaching call is that you’ve got to make the changes that will bring about change in your life. You can’t wait for it to happen - because it won’t. You can’t expect others to do it for you - because they won’t. You are the one who is responsible for your life and for the outcomes you get. Until you make a change, nothing changes. So stop doing the same old thing and make a pivot, apply some new knowledge, or take a bold new step you’ve considered but have never implemented - and put to work the knowledge you’ve gained in this coaching community. Your life and success will grow exponentially as you do.

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A favorite definition of success is this: Steady forward progress toward a known, worthy outcome. The point is that you need to keep moving. You can’t allow yourself to become apathetic or content with where you are if you still have miles to travel before you reach your desired outcomes. Each day provides the opportunity to take another step toward those outcomes. Every step gets you a bit closer to achieving it. It’s the consistency over time that pays off. You’ve got to stick with it - and on this coaching call, you’re going to get some tips about what that means, what it doesn’t mean, and how you can implement it immediately.

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One of the most powerful of the 9 steps highlighted on this call is that you need to discover a larger “why” behind your efforts in business and life. That's because there will come points where small things are not sufficient motivation, where you can’t push through the hard times for the sake of anything that is unworthy of giving it your all. You need a larger “why.” When you are focused on something bigger than yourself you’ll be able to stick it out when the hard times come. Listen to this coaching call for tips on how you can find and implement a bigger “why.”

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:01] Introduction to this coaching call.
  • [0:52] How the active decisions you make impact the outcome of your life.
  • [2:52] What happens once you put a label on an event.
  • [4:16] How our belief systems and core values filter all decisions we make.
  • [6:00] The 9 step process to get started and get things done.
  • [6:30] Change your outlook on goals.
  • [8:18] Why absolute clarity about desired outcomes is vital.
  • [9:39] Own where you are now, even if it’s brutal.
  • [9:58] Be grateful for where you are here and now.
  • [12:23] Come up with your actionable steps (specific).
  • [15:09] Identify the obstacles along the way to your desired outcome.
  • [16:49] Discover a bigger “why” to your desired outcomes, something bigger than you.
  • [30:06] Accept feedback, pay attention, make adjustments.
  • [31:37] Begin now. Stop waiting. Take action.
  • [32:58] Never miss a day: Steady forward progress toward a known, worthy outcome.
  • [38:24] How much longer are you going to continue to choose to accept your current results and outcomes?

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Below is the full transcription of the Get Started And Get Things Done With These 9 Steps Monday Mindset call with Pat Precourt.

Pat Precourt:

​Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Be patient with me one more second here. You guys are going to love this presentation, 9 steps to get you started. Whatever it is you're trying to get done ... Whatever you're putting off, whatever you're procrastinating about, and the steps that pull you through and get it done. It's pretty solid. This is, I'll be honest with you, it's a constant, ongoing life hack that I use because when I know there's something I want to do or I should be doing and I'm not getting done, I know there's a reason why. I go back and I figure out which one of these steps am I dropping, and I pick it up from there. I think you guys will appreciate this. All right. Let me hit this.

All right, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to [inaudible 00:39]. Welcome to everybody who is coming to us live on GoToWebinar and is coming to us live on Live Stream. Powerful talk for you today. It's about getting it done. If there's one thing that ultimately effects all of the outcomes we get in life, it's the decisions we make every single day. Every decision has a premise and background to it. It's almost like an operating system, a set of software that is running behind it that filters our decisions. It's our decisions ultimately that determine our outcomes. Everything we have right now, everything that you have, everything in terms of hoe much money you have in the bank to how good your relationships are, to how much fun you have in life, are all a direct result of decisions that you've actively made, and therefore you are 100% responsible that everything you have or don't have, and are at the exact level that you deserve it. You have exactly what you deserve.

I know that's a little harsh sometimes, especially if there's stuff going on in our lives that are unfortunate. I'll be honest with you, we're coming home from [inaudible 01:49] yesterday and my wife gets a call and finds out that one of her very good friends who's on vacation down in DC ... One of her very good friends, her husband passed away while they're on vacation in DC on Sunday. Holy crap. We get caught up in the stuff we have going on in our lives and we think that we have issues ... They're in line, checkout, and their 3 kids watched her husband have a heart attack and die in front of them. What an eye opener to put into perspective where our real issues lie. When I say that you have everything that you deserve, remember there's much worse situations that you think you may have going on.

With that said, when an event happens in our lives ... Let me give you a little psychological play here before we get into this. When events happen in our life, it's by default almost, we label the event. We call it something. Once we put a label on it, there's almost a default meaning that goes along with the label. The event could have been that person cut me off on the highway. That's the event. Meaning the guy's an absolute jackass. After meaning comes emotion. We get angry. Event, we attach a label, the label triggers meaning, meaning creates an emotion. It's out of our emotions then, that we take an action. It's out of our emotions that direct our next move.

I'm telling you that just so you have a little premise of what goes on in the underlying of our thought and decision making. There's two other filters, we're not going to get deep into these today, though that all of our decisions, every single decision we make every single day, gets filtered through. Again, generally on the subconscious level, to some decree on a conscious level but generally on a subconscious level, our belief systems, what we believe to be true or not true, or believe to be or not be, and our core value system, those two things, filter all decisions that we make. Generally speaking. If we believe that the stove is hot, we put our finger on it we're going to get burnt, we typically won't put our finger on the stove. We have a belief that prohibits that decision and therefore that action. If we believe that a certain weight loss product is going to magically peel off pounds for us, we'll invest money in that product and go through the exercise of ingesting that product, because we think it's going to work for us. Belief systems are a filter. Core values are another.

Core values go like this: if one of your core values is integrity and ethics, you're an ethical person, and you have an opportunity to make money on someone, that maybe is unethical but they won't know and nor will anybody else, the decision to make money ... I have to pass on it. Not because I'm afraid of getting caught because in this case you won't. You'll pass on it because you have a higher standard that you measure yourself against. Does that all make sense? With all of that, because those are all influence on decisions we make. With all of that, we still screw up decision making.

I'm going to bring you through my little process here, 9 steps. Let me get a pen. 9 steps. Not just getting them, but getting started. Getting started is one of the hardest pieces. Then you gotta get it done. Getting started. Let's start with this. Number 1. Let's drop the concept, and take this not so literally, but let's forget about the tradition of goals. A problem with goals is most of us have set them and most of us don't achieve them. We have a track record, a history, a pattern of setting goals, typically done in the short term to make ourselves feel good, in the short term, but no deep down commitment to achieving those goals. Setting ourselves up for failure. Instead, create an end point ... Get off the word goal. Let's focus on what is our desired results and outcomes. Think about it. I tell you I got a goal, that means something to you and I. When I say these are my results and outcomes, much more definitive. I'm speaking a different language. Remember we speak our outcome. If you're speaking goals and goal subconsciously means to you, pipe dream, ain't gonna happen, never gonna work for me ... You're speaking of failure. Results and outcomes, there is no alternative conclusion other than you're going to achieve these results and outcomes because after all, they're your results and outcomes.

We speak our future. We speak the direction we're turning. Words come before our actions often times. Not always, but often times. That's step number 1. Ditch the concept of goals. I'm not saying goals are bad, I'm saying in the context of the way we set them without a deep seeded commitment and plan to follow through on them, let's switch our verbiage over to, "These are gonna be my results and my outcomes." That's it.

Number 2 here. Define with absolute clarity your desired outcome. Crystal clear. The more clear you are, the more real it becomes to you. That's not just in our brain, it becomes a whole physiological consumption of our body. Emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually. Don't just definite it as, "I want to lose weight." Define it as, "I want the body of my dreams because I want the confidence to walk around my shoulders back, my chest held high. I want that passion I once had as defined by a body that's about 15 pounds lighter, and I can run x amount of miles," and blah blah blah. Get real with it. The more real you get with it, the more real it becomes and your ability to achieve it. When we're vague about the results and outcomes that we desire, it's typically because we don't want to be held accountable for not achieving them. The more clarity we put to them, automatically the accountability goes up because they just became real. Put a time stamp on it. This process that we're going through right now goes through pieces of this so you can see how to add more to it.

Next, and this is a big one, accept unconditionally where you are now. In other words, own your space. I'll tell you why in a second. I don't care good, bad, indifferent ... Own where you are now. Stop blaming others. Get to the truth of your reality even if it's brutal. Get to the truth of it. Accept it. For now. Be grateful for where you are right here and now, and always wanting more. If you can't be grateful for what you have, I'll tell you right now there's a lot of people that would love to be you. You just don't know it because you're caught up in your own little world and you can't even appreciate what you have right now.

If you can't appreciate it now, you can't appreciate it when you have what you think it is that's going to make your life better. I promise you that. That's a big mistake a lot of people make. They get so focused on achievement they overlook entirely fulfillment. If you're committed and your willpower is high enough and you're a stubborn bastard and you grind through it, you will achieve. It'll be a miserable one at that. Then what?It all starts here. You want to get big, you want to get to the next level, you want to climb the ladder? Start by appreciating where you are. First get to the truth of your reality, good and bad. It doesn't matter. It's not judgmental. Just owning it. Here's the part that's the biggest takeaway here: once you get to the truth, and nothing can change unless it's at the truth, remember that ... The longer you keep up a line of bullshit to yourself, the longer you forever hold yourself back. You get to the truth, now things can change.

By owning it, it puts you 100% in control to do something about it. 1% of giving away ownership is 1% less power you have to change your world. Your choice. You want to continue to be the way you are, where you're at ... fine. I'm not judging you, you may be perfect, and that's cool. Cool to be you. If you want another level, if you know there's more in life for you, now is the time to take ownership. You can't change anything unless you own it. You don't own it, you can't to squat with it. You own it, I have in live right here, right now, exactly what I deserve. Period. Not, "But the economy." Not, "But our President." Not, "But my whatever." No, I own this, it's all me.

Next, now we have our ... I should probably write these down for you, right? One: ditch goals. Results and outcomes. Number two: get clear. Number three: get to the truth. Getting clear, that's your point B, that's where you want to go. That's here. The truth is your point A, where you are now. Point A, point B. This is the problem with live broadcasting when you haven't turned off all the stuff on your phone. It just keeps getting interrupted by stuff, by people mailing stuff in, or whatever.

The next in line here, four: draw a straight line between your A and your B. Write down actionable steps. Make $5,000 is not actionable. Understand me? You put things on this line, A actionable, B that move you straight towards your desired result and outcome. Don't put things that bring you out here, and down here, and back here. Eventually you're just going to keep going until you see the next shiny thing. You only put things on this line that move you straight towards the outcome you desire. If you can't physically do it, it don't belong on that line. Comprende? Actionable steps. We got true on where we are, we got clear on where we're going to be, now we're only going to put items on that list that are going to push us directly there.

Next, get truthful with yourself. Obstacles. Write down your obstacles. Whatever they may be. Let's prepare for them. Let's preempt them. You won't see them all, you'll see some of them. That's cool, but be prepared for what's coming your way. "Pat, I'm going to get scared along the way." All right, good. Let's work on that. There's nothing wrong with getting scared. We can't have heroes without fear. Heroes act in courage. Courage requires an active fear and powering through it. Fear is not necessarily a bad thing in any way, shape, or form. If it blindsides you and freezes you, and forces excuses, it's a problem. We can handle that. Write it down. Put it on the list. What are the obstacles that we have coming up in front of us.

Next ... See with all this, you're still going to get to a point where you're going to be stopped. I promise you. If you're doing anything of any value, you're going to get stopped, and it's okay. It's going to take more than your willpower to push through. Our willpower A depletes itself throughout the day and B often times isn't big enough for us to do what we have to do. This is where we have to have something bigger, so you get something bigger. A bigger why. This is where you gotta go deep. I'm going to be honest with you guys, when you're trying to do something and all you do is put you as the driver behind it ... We have no problem letting ourselves down, let's be honest. Call it sad, call it pathetic, it doesn't matter. It's true. We need something bigger than us, a bigger reason than ourselves to do what we have to do.

I know many of you are nodding like this right now. How many times we've let ourselves down. What is your bigger why? Who's watching you, that you don't even know about, you're every step that you're going to really disappoint? Who are you going to let down that really matters to you? Is it your kids? Kids don't listen to shit we say, they only learn from our actions. They only learn by what we do. They'll know hypocrisies in our words and our actions in a heartbeat. They can tell if you do one thing and act in a different capacity. Who's watching you? I'm telling you, if you're trying to do something that's outside of your space, you need something greater than just you to push you through that, to anchor onto when the going gets tough. The going always gets tough. Such is life. That's how we grow, that's how we expand. Which you're meant to do, by the way. It's not by chance. It's not a bad thing. What's your bigger why?

I'll share one more thing in this, okay? I like to see our why broken into two parts. You got one here which is kind of your priority. My first why, my priority, would be my wife and my kids. That's my why. Many of you would agree with that, that's a good why. But there's part two, and that's my greater responsibility. What are my priorities? Those that rely on me everyday. The greater responsibility is the impact that I leave on this earth. The amount of people I positively infect while I'm here. The ripple effect of my existence. The reason why I was born. Big shoes to fill right there. What's that look like in your space? When shit gets tough, and you just want to quit, you want to procrastinate, to avoid doing as we give ourselves all these bullshit excuses, you need something bigger than that.

I'm going to stop for a second because I see some comments here that I just want to address really quickly. Elaine says ... Oh, it says, "Don't say this." Okay. What you're saying though is the same ... Elaine, give me your permission to share that, because so many others are struggling. You're not alone there. Thank you. Guys if you have something you have to say privately, just say, "Please don't share out loud." Elaine did just permiss me to say ... And thank you for that. I won't read it out loud if you ask me not to. "We have a large investment in schooling and real estate. It's driving me nuts. How do I settle down and enjoy this and say it will happen?" I'm going to try to add clarity to what you're saying, and just correct me if I'm wrong. Large investment, and the investment is making you nervous. How do you put aside the nervousness and get busy here. Is that fair? I think that's what you're trying to say. That's a great question, and here's the truth of it. That's akin to us eternally putting off being happy.

We start young in this country being told that we've gotta go to college, and once you go to college you've got to get a degree. Then you've got to find a job that's secure and pays you well, and then you gotta get married and you gotta get a dog ... You get the girlfriend, the dog, married, car, house, kid, other kid, other kid, job promotion, kids through college, all this shit then finally you retire and you're still waiting to be happy. It just doesn't freaking stop. There's always the next thing. Here's the challenge with that: I don't have time to go into how we transfer energy and understanding energy.

That's awesome, Steve just recommended the 7 spiritual laws for success, yes, awesome book. It speaks a lot of this, Stephen, of energy and energy flow. If I'm in a constant state of stress concerned fear, it will push off what it is I'm so concerned about not having. Look at this in terms of everything we want is reflected in a feeling that we believe we will have once we have it. Get married, have a feeling of love and connection. Get a car, you have some sort of a feeling of achievement. Get your fancy mid life crisis car, and now you feel like you've made it. It's just a feeling. Feelings are choices.

Make no mistake, we all operate a set of patterns we've created throughout our lives through experiences. Like software plugged in, and patterns now automatically simulate feelings in us. Triggers, if you will, such as ... You're driving down the highway and you see the red and white and blue lights come flashing up behind you, you immediately get a chill and a feeling. Trigger, boom. There's an event, we attach meaning to, we got a feeling. All that discussion. We chose that feeling. "I didn't choose it, it just happened." No, we programmed ourselves to do that. My point in all this is that we in fact do choose our feelings. Once we own that, then we can go to this next step here.

Elaine, you may be seeking consistency in your life. Stability maybe, I don't know. Feeling of achievement? I don't know. Once we accept that we can choose our feelings, we now are empowered to choose that feeling that we want, choose it now. "How can I choose it if it's not real?" Stop. Feelings are a choice. There's no real or not real. Do you think that just because you bought a new Porsche that made you successful? No. That's bullshit. You just created an event with a meaning and an emotion, a feeling that went along with it. There's no real to it. If two people hop on a roller coaster, one is scared to death and one laughs their ass off ... Is the fear real? No. There's no more real or less real in any of their emotion. Feelings are a choice. The only perception of reality is our own. I can't harp on this point too much. I did need to get there to make a point.

Remember I said early on in this call ... It's going to screw up our order here but you have an event, meaning, emotion, decision, action, result. Event, put a meaning to it, creates an emotion, causes a decision, an action and a result. If you choose to stay in a state of stress, fear, oh woe is me ... And Elaine I'm not picking on you right now so don't take this at all personal. "What if I fail. What if I don't make money. What if we lose this money." Guess what? That's a negative emotion that's gonna effect your decision in a not positive way and a not positive action to produce results that you don't want. You change it here, back in the meaning stage. Turn that into a supporting, positive emotion, that will then start effecting decisions in such a way that you'll take actions to produce the results that you actually do want.

You ain't cheating the system, you're controlling the system. It is as real as any other emotion you choose. Fear, sadness, anger. Every single one of those emotions we experienced when the 9/11 towers were attacked. Same event, different emotions. Those are the three default emotions that popped up for most people. Fear, sadness, anger. Same event, three different emotions. Does that mean one or two of those emotions were not real? No. They were all real to the person who chose them. You want immediate change, change the way you label, meaning, emotion. What was the event? I spent money on coaching, lots of it. What does that mean? What is that label? That's a debt. What does that mean? That I'm now in debt. You're going down a negative path because you freaking describe it that way. Our words speak our actions. What you're saying and meaning here creates an emotion, creates a decision, action and the crappy results that we don't want. Starting to get this?

Yes, Stephen, that book goes through it pretty well. Not the same way, but a pretty good job. All right, sorry. I don't have any paper left. That's a bummer.

Next. We create a bigger why to drive us through our trouble spots. This is important. This is one that cracks me up. When we come up with A to B plan, we put items on our plan here, that move us directly towards the outcome. Is everything we put on this list correct? Is it? No. The answer is hell no. There's mistakes, there's screw ups, something just didn't belong on the list. Number seven then, accept feedback. That's right, accept the feedback. Pay attention. Is it working or not? You threw out a lure, you reeled it in 50 times, didn't even get a bite. Change your freaking lure. It's not going to change where you're going, it's not going to change where you're starting. You're just trying something different moving you forward, and yes, the fact that the first lure didn't work, still moved you forward because now you know what doesn't work. It got you closer to what's working. All kinda make sense?

You skip this step though, you start getting all sideways. You go step, step, step, and before you know it you've spent all this time, energy, effort and money and you haven't gotten anywhere. You're like, "Damn, why didn't it work?" It's because you didn't pay attention along the way. Everything is a test. Everything is a test. Everything we do is testing. It's either going to give a result that worked, or a result that didn't work. Moved us closer or moved us further to where we want to be, both are of equal value. Neither one of them is of lesser value. Unless we don't listen.

Eight, I'm sticking in here because I'm out of paper. One of the most important steps, not that any one is less important ... Yeah, this one's more important though. Begin now. Stop waiting. Stop procrastinating. Stop all this negative talk that will forever cause you to continue to deserve exactly what you are accepting now. Everything that happens to us in our lives, we accept into it. Until you make a change, nothing changes. Until you make the decision to make a change, nothing changes.

I'm just the guy sitting over here on the other end of the computer. I ain't going to change squat for you. That's the truth of it. Let's be honest. I'm not preaching to you, either. I sit in the same chair you sit in, I wear the same shoes you wear. I refer back to these on a regular basis when shit ain't happening the way it should. I don't blame anyone else, I go back and identify where I dropped the ball here.

This next one: never miss a day. Steady forward progress towards a known and worthy outcome. That's my favorite definition, that I came up with, by the way, that's my favorite definition of success. Steady forward progress towards a known and worthy outcome. That's your worthy outcome. Steady forward progress, step by step, chunk by chunk, every single day, never miss day. "Pat, does that mean I can't take vacation?" No, vacation is a part of the process. Vacation is akin to training hard for four days in the gym and taking a day off. That's required to grow and expand your muscles. To come back and go harder. That's built in to the plan. When you decide you want to put on ten pounds of muscle, it's built in I'm going to work four on, one off, four on, one off. Get what I'm saying? Never miss a day means you stay active. Every day, you grind away. There will be days you wake up and you are not committed to it. You're a little beaten down when you get out of bed. You're will is broken before you even get out of bed, I get it. That's the most important time to grind.

I don't care if you fall flat on your face in the process. It is impossible to fall on your face and fall backwards. You will still have made forward progress. Every single day, never miss a day. "Please give that quote again." Steady forward progress toward a known and worthy outcome. Dave, I'm not saying that is the only definition of success. That is my definition, and you have to understand the context of it. Success is not a location or a destination. It's not a possession. It's a state. You're in a state of success, which means every single one of us right here right now, can choose to be in a state of success. Start building momentum. Get to the truth of where we're at, no matter how shitty it is, doesn't matter. What's most important is that we own it so that we can do something about it. Put ourselves in a state of success. Choose with absolute clarity where it is we want to be. Accept with absolute where it is we are now. Start putting actionable items on the list that moves us forward. Pay attention the entire way to feedback.

It's not the one with the most resources that wins, it's the most resourceful. You'll get along here and be, "Hell, I don't have what I need," but you could still get it done. You won't have everything you need, but you need to be able to still get it done. Get what you need. I would take someone with absolutely zero resources and a high level of resourcefulness all day long over someone who is just loaded with resources. Don't make no mistake, any resources you have are a value add. If you are not resourceful, I guarantee you will not have the resources to achieve. You understand what I'm saying? So you have it ladies and gentlemen.

Focus on results and outcomes, not goals that you've proven we don't achieve. Get absolutely crystal clear on where it is we want to go. Start with the truth. If you don't start with the truth, you'll never get out of the gate. Create actionable steps, steps that you can physically take action on. Understand your obstacles along the way, call them out. You won't know them all, but prepare for the ones you can call. If you are the obstacle, admit that and own that. Get a damn accountability partner or something, somebody to push you. Whatever it takes.

Get a bigger why because even with all this, we're still going to get stuck. Own that. Understand there are people that watch you ever day. There are people that look up to you every day. Understand you are given a certain set of God given innate skills that's unique, unlike anyone else's that are specially for you. Don't disrespect them. Understand they're not just for your usage or your consumption, they're there so you can have an impact. Make an impact. Focus on that, not just your priorities but your greater responsibilities. We're more powerful when we're focused on something bigger than ourselves. Get a bigger why.

Begin now, stop waiting. Just stop waiting. I don't know how else to say it, just stop waiting. I'm going to ask you a question at the end and I want you all to answer. You don't have to answer it here. You can, that'd be awesome, but you don't have to answer here, but I want you to answer it. It's a qualifying question. Finally, never miss a day. Every single day steady forward progress. It's okay if you fall flat on your face, it does not matter. As long as that train rolls forward a couple inches. That's all that matters. It's not how fast you go, it's the consistency in moving forward that matters.

I'm going to ask you a question here, it's a qualifying question. I want you to think about it. Some are you going to bam, you've got the answer. Some of you are going to be like, "Ow, that hurt." It's very simple. How much longer are you going to continue to choose to accept your current results and outcomes? How much longer are you going to continue to choose to accept your current results and outcomes? Think about that one.

Good job AJ. Cool thing here is that we are all in absolute 100% control changing it. Perry, well done. Thanks for sharing. You'd be amazed what can change in just one decision. That's all it takes. We're going to wrap it up on that, guys. Let me check one thing up here. Mr. Dave. Dave's ready. Awesome, brother. Angelina and Mike, "I'm excited for every action I'm taking from this day forward." Well stated. Powerful. Wake up every day, Angela and Mike, and say that out loud to yourself. "I'm excited for every action I'm taking from this day forward. I'm excited for every action I'm taking from this day forward." It'll force you to get focused on the actions that you're going to take. For you to be excited about them, they've got to be the right actions. I'm excited for every action I'm taking from this day forward. Guys, you're awesome. Don't forget about Wednesday's call. Actually I'm substituting in for Justin on Wednesday, so I'll see you guys again on Wednesday. Have an awesome afternoon, peace.


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Patrick Precourt is an investor, speaker, mentor and entrepreneur. He is driven by his commitment to help as many people as possible find their passion and create financial freedom. For over 20 years he has been an expert within the fields of personal growth and development and real estate investing. He is the co-author of the highly acclaimed book "Wake Up and Live The Life You Love: The Power of Team”; the owner of North Shore Enterprises, where he has completed nearly 1000 short sales to date; the current Director of Student Development at Real Estate Worldwide; an athlete and MMA enthusiast, the owner of the The Cage a lifestyle fitness center that embraces the heart and culture of martial arts in Rocky Hill, CT; and, last but not least, a proud husband and father.


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